Tk - Mega Widgets

Mega widgets include many complex widgets which is often required in some large scale Tk applications. The list of available mega widgets are as shown below −

Sr.No. Widget & Description
1 Dialog

Widget for displaying dialog boxes.

2 Spinbox

Widget that allows users to choose numbers.

3 Combobox

Widget that combines an entry with a list of choices available to the use.

4 Notebook

Tabbed widget that helps to switch between one of several pages, using an index tab.

5 Progressbar

Widget to provide visual feedback to the progress of a long operation like file upload.

6 Treeview

Widget to display and allow browsing through a hierarchy of items more in form of tree.

7 Scrollbar

Scrolling widgets without a text or canvas widgets.

8 Scale

Scale widget to choose a numeric value through sliders.

A simple Tk example is shown below using some mega widgets.


ttk::treeview .tree -columns "Creator Year" -displaycolumns "Year Creator" 
.tree heading Creator -text "Creator" -anchor center
.tree heading Year -text "Year" -anchor center
pack .tree
.tree insert {} end -id Languages -text "Languages"
.tree insert Languages end -text C -values [list "Dennis Ritchie" "1990"]
proc scaleMe {mywidget scaleValue} {
   $mywidget configure -length $scaleValue
pack [scale .s2  -from 100.0 -to 200.0 -length 100 -background yellow -borderwidth 5
   -font{Helvetica -18 bold} -foreground red -width 40 -relief ridge -orien horizontal
   -variable a -command "scaleMe .s2" ]
pack [ttk::progressbar .p1 -orient horizontal -length 200 -mode indeterminate -value 90]
pack [ttk::progressbar .p2 -orient horizontal -length 200 -mode determinate -variable a
   -maximum 75 -value 20]

When we run the above program, we will get the following output −

Mega Widget Example
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