Symfony - REST Edition


In any modern application, REST service is one of the core fundamental building blocks. Be it a web-based application or a slick mobile application, the front-end is usually a well designed interface for the back-end REST services. Symfony REST edition provides a readymade template to kick-start our REST based web application.

Let us learn how to install a template REST application using Symfony REST edition.

Step 1 − Download Symfony REST edition using the following command.

composer create-project gimler/symfony-rest-edition --stability=dev path/to/install

This will download the Symfony REST edition.

Step 2 − Try to configure it by asking some questions. For all the questions, select the default answer except database. For database, select pdo_sqlite. You may need to enable PHP's sqlite extension, if it is not already installed.

Step 3 − Now, run the application using the following command.

php app/console server:run

Step 4 − Finally, open the application in the browser using http://localhost:8000/.

It will produce the following result −

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