Symfony - CMF Edition


Content management system is one of the largest market in the web application scenario. There are a lot of frameworks available for content management system, in virtually all languages under the sun. Most of the frameworks are easy to work as an end customer but very hard to work with as a developer and vice-versa.

Symfony provides a simple and easy framework for a developer to start with. It has all the basic features expected by an end customer as well. In short, it is the responsibility of the developer to provide a great experience for the end customer.

Let us see how to install a CMS application template using Symfony CMF edition.

Step 1 − Download Symfony CMF sandbox using the following command.

composer create-project symfony-cmf/sandbox cmf-sandbox 

This will download the Symfony CMF.

Step 2 − Try to configure it by asking some questions. For all the questions, select the default answer except database. For database, select pdo_sqlite. You may need to enable PHP's sqlite extension, if it is not already installed.

Step 3 − Create demo database using the console application as follows.

php app/console doctrine:database:create

Step 4 − Load the demo data into the database using the following command.

php app/console doctrine:phpcr:init:dbal --force 
php app/console doctrine:phpcr:repository:init 
php app/console doctrine:phpcr:fixtures:load -n 

Step 5 − Now, run the application using the following command.

php app/console server:run  

Step 6 − Finally, open the application in the browser using http://localhost:8000/.

It will produce the following output −

CMF Sandbox