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Now day's mobiles have become high powered in today's economy and mobile web becoming cheaper and providing fast services to the user. The web based mobile solutions must communicate with backend in the enterprise environment.

The below diagram shows SOA based mobile application development:

SOA Mobile Application Development
  • Using the above picture, we can explain how the configuration of mobile solutions can be simplified by the service orientation.

  • The object of the process is to read bar code of the items from the mobile phones.

  • Next, user will fill the form and send it to the server. The message will not be send to the server directly, but it uses the interpreter called Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to process the data and send the message to appropriate server.

  • In the last step, the message will get store into the database.

Mobile Part

It is an application runs on mobile phone which stores all the data in a local database and user can check the unset data and try to send them again.

Communication Middleware

The ESB acts as middleware between server and mobile phones which sends collected data from the mobile phones and processes the messages stored in the different databases. Middleware is a less customized part between mobile phones and server and results in the success of the system.

Server Side Part

The server side part frequently called as web view which provides the collected data which is retrieved from the database.

The above three parts (Mobile Part, Communication Middleware, Server Side Part) specifies that mobile solutions can be used in the systematic way by using the service oriented architectures.

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