SOA - Maturity


The term SOA maturity defines the architectural guidelines for reaching the significant level of maturity in the information technology architecture enterprises and allows accessing the current state of SOA adoption of a company.

The figure below shows five levels of SOA Maturity:

SOA Maturity Level 1: Initial

The initial level of SOA maturity includes the architecture and design phase of SOA which focus on delivering an individual project. The scope of this level includes:

  • R&D experimentation

  • Small SOA projects

  • Implementation of portal and website

  • Process of custom integration

  • Number of services

Level 2: Repeatable

In this level, you can use the reusable architected services which are flexible and can be used from one project to another. The scope of this level is providing multiple integrated applications that support some following factors:

  • Low cost of delivery

  • Low cost of maintenance

  • Integration of database

  • Integration of application

  • Managing the performance

  • Simple way of deployment

Level 3: Defined

In this level, the project team will be working on the creating architecture elements, providing guidelines to project members on the architecture and creates the technical components and frameworks which can be used across the project teams. At this level you can identify the service from the business level for the good quality of business arrangement. The scope of this level includes:

  • Reuse of components

  • Simple way of modification

  • Changes the business process effectually

  • Providing business process rules

Level 4: Managed

In this level, business services are managed and define the path to SOA. The project team's and enterprise architecture team's work together to specify the processes, technologies and components of an organization's SOA. You can measure end to end performance of the process in this level. The scope of this level includes:

  • Using the business activity monitoring functionality to display the runtime details

  • Specifying business process visibility

  • Providing business process and service alerts

Level 5: Optimizing

In this level, the optimized business services react and respond automatically when you deliver the business processes during run time and include the clean identification of services. This level allows project team to reveal and consume services and also interchanges the services between customers, business partners and suppliers. The scope of this level includes:

  • SOA will be optimized and associates with business

  • Specifies the endpoint of an architecture enterprise

  • Interacts with services from customers, partners and others

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