The MDM stands for Master Data Management which is a key component of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and simplifies the implementation of SOA with clean and consistent data to the enterprise. The basic intention of MDM is to provide reliable source for the master data.

The combination of SOA and MDM provides essential business value and describes how to get this value to the customers by working together. The Service Oriented Architecture is an architectural design which includes collection of services in a network which communicate with each other. Without MDM, the data available to business applications which is provided by the SOA will not be so accurate throughout an organization that leads to lower quality of data.

Levels between MDM and SOA

There are some levels which can be integrated between MDM and SOA:

  • Connectors and modification

  • Data structures and access methods

  • Predefined MDM/SOA business process

  • Predefined application and integration of master data

SOA improves standardization and reliable of data by adding value to SOA which is being integrated and consumed. MDM also provides stable clarity of data to SOA and technical foundation for master data use. SDM verifies quality of the data by providing data services to enterprise objects that SOA will consume.

Benefits of MDM

There are some benefits of MDM as listed below:

  • It specifies the understanding and responsibility of master data entities

  • It supplies the technique to make use of master data across the organization

  • It is designed to provide accommodation and handle the changes

SOA allows reuse of components which makes easy and flexible to use them to support new processes. MDM provides service oriented concepts and components for maintaining and retrieval of data. The architecture concepts of SOA are integrated into MDM by using two views:

  • MDM Business Service: It provides the reusable business service for maintaining and validating the data.

  • MDM Information Service: It provides the reusable information service for using the business processes.

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