Scraping and Finding Ordered Word in a Dictionary in Python

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For solving this problem we need requests module.

For installing requests module,we need this command to get executed at command line.

pip install requests


  • Import requests module.
  • Then we need to fetch data from URL.
  • Using UTF-8 decode the text.
  • Then convert string into a list of words.

Ordered Finding

  • Traverse the list of words using loop.
  • Then compare the ASCII value of adjacent character of each word.
  • If the comparison is true then print ordered word otherwise store the unordered word.

Example code

import requests
   def Words_find():
      my_url = ""#put thisurl of .txt files in any website
      my_fetchData = requests.get(my_url)
      my_wordList = my_fetchData.content
      my_wordList = my_wordList.decode("utf-8").split()
      return my_wordList
   def wordordered():
      collection = Words_find()
      collection = collection[16:]
      my_word = ''
   for my_word in collection:
      result = 'ordered'
      i = 0
      l = len(my_word) - 1
   if (len(my_word) < 3):
      while i < l:
   if (ord(my_word[i]) > ord(my_word[i+1])):
      result = 'not ordered'
   i += 1
if (result == 'ordered'):
   print(my_word,': ',result)
if __name__ == '__main__':
Published on 20-Nov-2018 07:54:46