SciPy - Environment Setup


Standard Python distribution does not come bundled with any SciPy module. A lightweight alternative is to install SciPy using the popular Python package installer,

pip install pandas

If we install the Anaconda Python package, Pandas will be installed by default. Following are the packages and links to install them in different operating systems.


Anaconda (from is a free Python distribution for the SciPy stack. It is also available for Linux and Mac.

Canopy ( is available free, as well as for commercial distribution with a full SciPy stack for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Python (x,y) − It is a free Python distribution with SciPy stack and Spyder IDE for Windows OS. (Downloadable from


Package managers of respective Linux distributions are used to install one or more packages in the SciPy stack.


We can use the following path to install Python in Ubuntu.

sudo apt-get install python-numpy python-scipy 
python-matplotlibipythonipython-notebook python-pandas python-sympy python-nose


We can use the following path to install Python in Fedora.

sudo yum install numpyscipy python-matplotlibipython python-pandas 
sympy python-nose atlas-devel