Scala vs Java

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  • It is a combination of functional and object oriented programming.
  • It is not very user-friendly, i.e. not readable.
  • Conversion from source code to byte code is slower.
  • It supports lazy evaluation.
  • The variables in Scala are immutable by default.
  • There is no keyword called ‘static’ in Scala.
  • All operations in Scala are done with the help of function/method calls.
  • It is more towards the object-oriented side since Scala treats everything like an object.
  • Functions written in Scala are treated like simple variables.
  • Scala supports operator overloading.


  • Java is considered to be a general purpose object oriented programming language.
  • It is much user-friendly, since the code is readable.
  • Conversion from source code to byte code is comparatively quick.
  • Java doesn’t support lazy evaluation.
  • The variables in Java are mutable by default.
  • The keyword ‘static’ is used in Java to share a single copy of the variable over the entire code.
  • Operators in Java are treated differently, and it is not necessary to use method calls.
  • Java is less object oriented since there are primitive data format.
  • Functions in Java are treated as objects.
  • Java doesn’t support operator overloading.
Published on 13-Jul-2020 12:11:10