What are the features of data mining?

Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:32:34
There are various features of data mining that are as follows −Data types − Most data mining systems that are accessible in the industry handle formatted, record-based, relational-like data with statistical, categorical, and symbolic attributes. The data can be in the form of ASCII text, relational database data, or data ... Read More

What are different types of interrupts?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:32:23
An interrupt is a signal from a device attached to a computer or from a program within the computer that requires the operating system to stop and figure out what to do next.Interrupt systems are nothing but while the CPU can process the programs if the CPU needs any IO ... Read More

How is IPC implemented in the Android, MAC, Windows Operating systems?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:28:12
Inter-process communication is a technique of exchanging data between two or more processes for performing some action on that data. These processes may be present on the same computer or at remote locations.The reasons for Inter-process communication are as follows −Sharing information between processesSpeed up the computation of some processIncreasing ... Read More

What are the components of 'user interface' of Windows Operating System?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:26:54
The user interface components of the windows operating system are explained below.The main components are GUI (Graphical user interface). It is made of four parts as follows −WindowsIconsMenusPointerThe common windows controls are as follows −MinimizingMaximizingExit tabsGUI basic components are as follows −Start menu and programming groups.Task-bar shows running programs.Desktop shows ... Read More

Which of the following areas data mining technology can be applied?

Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:30:42
The following are areas in which data mining technology can be used or created for intrusion detection which are as follows −Development of data mining algorithms for intrusion detection − Data mining algorithms can be used for misuse detection and anomaly detection. In misuse detection, training information is labeled as ... Read More

What are the components and shells of UNIX?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:25:28
Components of UNIXGenerally, a computer system consists of four main components, called hardware, application programs, operating system, and users.Hardware − Physical devices are nothing but which we can touch and feel.Operating system − It allows the user to communicate with the hardware.Application − There are software programs which give some ... Read More

How the OS interfaces between the user, apps , hardware?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:22:47
A modern computer consists of the following −One or more processorsMain memoryDisksPrintersVarious input/output devices.So, to manage all these components, we require a layer of software in the computer system, that layer we call the Operating System (OS).An Operating System is a program that acts as an intermediary or interface between ... Read More

What is message passing technique in OS?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:21:06
Message Passing provides a mechanism to allow processes to communicate and to synchronize their actions without sharing the same address space.For example − chat programs on World Wide Web.Now let us discuss the message passing step by step.Step 1 − Message passing provides two operations which are as follows −Send ... Read More

How can intrusion be detected?

Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:25:23
The security of our computer systems and information is at constant risk. The extensive growth of the web and increasing accessibility of tools and tricks for intruding and attacking networks have prompted intrusion detection to become an important element of network administration. An intrusion can be represented as any set ... Read More

What is the shared memory concept by using producer consumer problem?

Bhanu Priya
Published on 30-Nov-2021 10:18:27
Inter process communication requires communicating to establish a shared memory region. A shared memory region is present in the address space for the process that creates the shared memory segment. And other processes are communicating using a shared memory segment that is attaching it to their address space.Operating system prevents ... Read More