Difference Between Cybersecurity and Network Security

Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:09:18
In this post, we will understand the difference between cyber security and network security.Network SecurityIt helps protect the data flowing over a network.It can be considered as a subset of cyber security.It protects attributes present in the network realm.It deals with the protection of data from DOS attacks.It works against ... Read More

Extract hyperlinks from PDF in Python

Dev Prakash Sharma
Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:08:46
Python has a large set of libraries for handling different types of operations. To extract the data and meta-information from a PDF, we use the PyPdf2 package. It is easy to use and has many different operations or toolkits such as Extracting the data from the PDF, Searching Keyword in ... Read More

Difference Between Website and Blog

Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:07:43
In this post, we will understand the difference between a website and a blog −WebsiteIt is a collection of webpages and multimedia content.This is made available under one domain on the World Wide Web.The websites are usually hosted using a web hosting service.This allows the web pages and the content ... Read More

Disable Exit (or [ X ]) in Tkinter Window

Dev Prakash Sharma
Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:07:29
The window manager implements the Tkinter window control icons. To hide and show the Tkinter window control icons, we can use the built-in function, which describes whether we want to disable control icons’ functionality.To disable the Exit or [X] control icon, we have to define the protocol() method. We can ... Read More

Difference Between Streaming and Downloading

Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:05:33
In this post, we will understand the difference between streaming and downloading data −StreamingIt refers to the act of viewing the content held on a remote server.The media bit stream is split into tiny parts of area unit.It is the process of transfer of content block by block, and viewing ... Read More

Creating Tkinter full-screen application

Dev Prakash Sharma
Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:03:54
Tkinter initially creates a window that contains application components such as widgets and control bars. We can switch a native-looking application to a full-screen application by using the attribute(‘-fullscreen’, True) method. To make the window full-screen, just invoke the method with the particular window.Example#Import tkinter library from tkinter import * ... Read More

Difference Between Hypertext and Hypermedia

Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:03:15
In this post, we will understand the difference between hypertext and hypermedia −HypertextIt refers to the system of managing the information related to the plain text.It involves only text.It becomes a part of the link.It is the part of hypermedia.It allows the user to traverse through text in a non-linear ... Read More

Creating a prompt dialog box using Tkinter?

Dev Prakash Sharma
Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:03:06
Dialog Boxes are handy for informing users to perform certain operations. We are already familiar with the dialog boxes and interacted with them many times. In a particular Tkinter application, we can create any type of dialog boxes, such as Message, User Interaction Dialogs, Single Value Entry Dialogs, File chooser, ... Read More

Convert PDF to CSV using Python

Dev Prakash Sharma
Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:02:15
Python is well known for its huge library of packages. With the help of libraries, we will see how to convert a PDF to a CSV file. A CSV file is nothing but a collection of data, framed along with a set of rows and columns. There are various packages ... Read More

Difference Between Search Engine and Web Browser

Published on 21-Apr-2021 11:01:19
In this post, we will understand the difference between a search engine and a web browser −Search EngineA search engine helps find information in the World Wide Web.Once the information has been found, the results are displayed in one place.It helps gather information from multiple URL’s and helps maintain it.It ... Read More