Ankith Reddy, asked 10h 55m ago

How can I add video to site background in HTML 5?

I want to add video to the background of my website. Which method or property should I use to achieve this in HTML5?
Sharon Christine, asked 11h 26m ago

Converting video to HTML5 ogg / ogv and mpg4

With HTML5, how can I convert video to ogg/ ogv and mpg4? Which software should I use?
Prabhas, asked 11h 27m ago

HTML 5 video or audio playlist

I want to create a video or audio playlist in HTML5. Which element or event should I use to achieve this?
George John, asked 11h 37m ago

How to draw grid using HTML5 and canvas or SVG?

I am working on HTML5 and I want to draw grid using HTML5 and canvas /SVG? I need to first define them. How can I achieve this?
Sai Subramanyam, asked 11h 38m ago

How to clear a chart from HTML5 canvas so that hover events cannot be triggered?

With HTML5, how can I clear a chart from canvas so that the hover events cannot be triggered?  I want to clear a chart from the canvas.
varun, asked 11h 39m ago

How can I make a browser to browser (peer to peer) connection in HTML?

With HTML, how should I make a peer to peer connection? Which library should I add for the browser to browser connection?
Chandu yadav, asked 11h 44m ago

Zoom HTML5 Canvas to Mouse Cursor

 How can I zoom Canvas to Mouse Cursor in HTML5? I want to remap the position on the canvas.  
Monica Mona, asked 11h 45m ago

How to place the cursor (auto focus) in the text box when a page gets loaded with HTML?

The following is my textbox: , With HTML, how can I place the cursor in textbox when a page loads with HTML.
Maheshwari Thakur, asked 11h 50m ago

Are there any style options for the HTML5 Date picker?

What are all style options available for HTML5 date picker? I want to edit month, day and year field also with HTML5?
Sharon Christine, asked 11h 50m ago

Apple Touch icon for websites in HTML

I need to learn about icons on Apple iPhone or iPad. What type of Apple Touch icons are available? With that, how can I set the size of the icons?
Ankith Reddy, asked 11h 58m ago

Is it autofocus=“ autofocus” or autofocus in HTML5?

Which of the following is correct for autofocus text input in HTML5: , or ,
Sai Subramanyam, asked 12h 3m ago

ffmpeg settings for converting to mp4 and ogg for HTML5 video

I want to convert my video to mp4 and ogg formats. What ffmpeg settings should I set to achieve this?
Maheshwari Thakur, asked 1d 5h ago

Is it possible to use JSF+Facelets with HTML 4/5?

What are Facelets? With HTML4 or HTML5, is it feasible to use JSF and Facelets or not? Can it be used with HTML4 doctype?
Chandu yadav, asked 1d 5h ago

AngularJS and HTML5 date input value - how to get Firefox to show a readable date value in a date input?

With HTML5 and AngularJS, how can I show a readable date value in a date input in Firefox web browser?
George John, asked 1d 5h ago

Play infinitely looping video on-load in HTML5

How can I play infinite loop for a video on-load in HTML5? Which method or property is to be used in HTML to achieve this?
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