Building a full-fledged data science Docker Container

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:19:57
No doubt that the buzzing words in the technological world these days are machine learning and artificial intelligence. More rapidly than ever, organizations are now trying to adopt machine learning techniques to analyse and improve their businesses and to provide more customer satisfaction. While on the other hand, the revolutionary ... Read More

How to run a command inside Docker Container?

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:18:34
After you build a docker image and you have created a running instance of it or in other words, you have created a docker container, you might want to execute some commands inside the docker container to either install a package or print something or browse through the directories inside ... Read More

Docker Image tags and how to use them

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:16:10
Docker Image tags are simple labels or aliases given to a docker image before or after building an image to describe that particular image. It can be the version of the project or the container, features of the image, technologies used in the image or pretty much anything you want. ... Read More

Searching and pulling Docker Images from Dockerhub

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:15:02
The official Docker registry contains a lot of pre-built images and publicly available customized images that are very useful and can be easily pulled by the users in their local machine and used as base images for their projects. In fact, you can also build your own customized docker image ... Read More

Publishing a Docker Image on Dockerhub

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:13:49
Dockerhub or the official docker registry consists of numerous pre-built Docker Images as well as customized images by other users that you can pull to your system if they have been made public. In order to pull or push images to the docker registry, you need to first have an ... Read More

Important instructions used in dockerfile

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:12:25
We all know the importance of dockerfile in creating an efficient and flexible Docker Image. A dockerfile contains a set of instructions that are executed step by step when you use the docker build command to build the docker image. It contains certain instructions and commands that decides the structure ... Read More

Working with Docker Volumes

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:09:51
To define Docker Volumes, they are file systems that can be mounted on Docker containers. They help in preserving the data and are independent of the container life cycle. One of the major advantages of Docker Volumes is that it allows the developers to backup their data and also allows ... Read More

How to backup and restore a Docker Container?

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:08:11
Docker allows us to automate the process of building and deploying an application. It also allows us to create a packaged environment to run the application which makes it easily portable and lightweight while also allowing us to keep track of the versions. All of these are possible through Docker ... Read More

How to get a Docker Container IP address?

Raunak Jain
Published on 27-Oct-2020 12:04:59
We all know that we can run our application in a packaged environment called container using Docker. When you want containers to talk to each other, the network they create can be assumed to be a bridge network. Run the following command to get a list of networks.sudo docker network ... Read More

Return correct value from recursive indexOf in JavaScript?

Published on 26-Oct-2020 15:59:38
You can create your own function. If the search value is found then the index is returned otherwise return -1.ExampleFollowing is the code −const indexOf = (arrayValues, v, index = 0) =>    index >= arrayValues.length       ? -1       : arrayValues[index] === v     ... Read More