Python – Sort by Uppercase Frequency

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When it is required to sort the elements of the list by frequency of uppercase elements, a method is defined that uses list comprehension and the ‘isupper’ method.

Below is a demonstration of the same −


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def higher_character_sort(sub):
   return len([ele for ele in sub if ele.isupper()])

my_list = ["pyt", "is", "FUN", "to", "Learn"]

print("The list is:")


print("The result is:")


The list is:
['pyt', 'is', 'FUN', 'to', 'Learn']
The result is:
['pyt', 'is', 'to', 'Learn', 'FUN']


  • A method named ‘higher_character_sort’ is defined that tales an element as parameter.

  • A list comprehension is used to iterate over the elements and the ‘isupper’ method is used to check if the element is upper case letter or lower case letter.

  • The length of this output is returned as output.

  • Outside the method, a list of strings is defined and displayed on the console.

  • The list is sorted using the ‘sort’ method and the key is specified as the previously defined method.

  • This is displayed as output on the console.

Updated on 06-Sep-2021 07:48:38