Python program to print the initials of a name with last name in full?

Here we use different python inbuilt function. First we use split().split the words into a list. Then traverse till the second last word and upper() function is used for print first character in capital and then add the last word which is title of a name and here we use title(),title function converts the first alphabet to capital.


Input Pradip Chandra Sarkar
Output P.C Sarkar


/* str1 is a string */
Step 1: first we split the string into a list.
Step 2: newspace is initialized by a space(“”)
Step 3: then traverse the list till the second last word.
Step 4: then adds the capital first character using the upper function.
Step 5: then get the last item of the list.

Example Code

# python program to print initials of a name 
def fullname(str1):
   # split the string into a list 
   lst = str1.split()
   newspace = ""
   # traverse in the list 
   for i in range(len(lst)-1):
      str1 = lst[i]
   # adds the capital first character 
      newspace += (str1[0].upper()+'.')
   # l[-1] gives last item of list l.
      newspace += lst[-1].title()
   return newspace 
# Driver code            
str1=input("Enter Full Name ::>")
print("Short Form of Name Is ::>",fullname(str1))        


Enter Full Name ::>pradip chandra sarkar
Short Form of Name Is ::> P.C.Sarkar

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karthikeya Boyini

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Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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