Python Program to print element with maximum vowels from a List

When it is required to print element with maximum vowels from a list, a list comprehension is used.


Below is a demonstration of the same

my_list = ["this", "week", "is", "going", "great"]

print("The list is :")


my_result = ""
max_length = 0
for element in my_list:

   vowel_length = len([element for element in element if element in ['a', 'e', 'o', 'u', 'i']])
   if vowel_length > max_length:
      max_length = vowel_length
      my_result = element

print("The result is :")


The list is :
['this', 'week', 'is', 'going', 'great']
The result is :


  • A list of strings is defined and is displayed on the console.
  • An empty string variable is created.
  • A variable defined as ‘max_length’ is defined and is ‘0’ is assigned to it.
  • The list is iterated over, and the list comprehension is used to check if a vowel is present.
  • This is converted to a list, and its length is assigned to a variable.
  • If length of this list is greater than the ‘max_length’, they are equated.
  • The element is assigned as the output.
  • This is displayed as output on the console.