Python program to display various datetime formats

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The datetime module supplies classes for manipulating dates and time. We will display different formats like day of the week, week number, day of the year, etc.


Step 1: Import datetime.
Step 2: Print day of the week.
Step 3: Print week number.
Step 4: Print day of the year.

Example Code

Live Demo

import datetime

print("Day of the week: ","%A"))
print("Week number: ","%W"))
print("Day of the year: ","%j"))


Day of the week:  Sunday
Week number:  06
Day of the year:  045


The arguments of the strftime() function are explained below:

  • %A: Weekday's full name (Example: 'Monday')
  • %W: Week number of the year with sunday as first day of the week
  • %j: Day of the year as a zero padded decimal number
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