Python Program to Count the Frequency of Words Appearing in a String Using a Dictionary

When it is required to count the frequency of words that appear in a string with the help of dictionary, the ‘split’ method is used to split the values, and a list comprehension is used.

The list comprehension is a shorthand to iterate through the list and perform operations on it.

A list can be used to store heterogeneous values (i.e data of any data type like integer, floating point, strings, and so on).


Below is a demonstration for the same −

 Live Demo

my_string = input("Enter the string :")
word_freq=[my_list.count(p) for p in my_list]
print("The frequency of words is ...")


Enter the string :Hi jane how are you jane
The frequency of words is ...
{'Hi': 1, 'jane': 2, 'how': 1, 'are': 1, 'you': 1}


  • A string is entered by the user, and is assigned to a variable.
  • An empty list is created.
  • The string is split, and put in the list.
  • A list comprehension is used to iterate over the list, and the ‘count’ method is used to count the values.
  • This is assigned to a variable.
  • The list and word frequency are zipped, and converted to a dictionary.
  • It is then displayed on the console.

Updated on: 12-Mar-2021

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