Python program to check if binary representation of two numbers are anagram.

Given two numbers. Our task is to check whether they are anagrams of each other or not in binary representation. We can solve this problem quickly in python using Counter (iterable) method and Dictionary Comparison.


Input: a = 8, b = 16 
Output : Yes
Binary representations of both numbers have same 0s and 1s.


Step 1 : Given two numbers.
Step 2 : Convert both number into its binary using bin() function and remove first two characters because of bin().
Step 3 : Since binary representation of both numbers could differ in length so we will append zeroes in start of   shorter string to make both string of equal length.
Step 4 : Compare both dictionaries, if value of 0’s and 1’s in both dictionaries are equal then binary representations of two numbers are anagram otherwise not. Binary representations into dictionary. 

Example Code

# function to Check if binary representations 
# of two numbers are anagram 
from collections import Counter 

def anagramoftwonumber(p1,p2): 
   # convert numbers into in binary 
   # and remove first two characters of  
   # output string because bin function  
   #'0b' as prefix in output string 
   bno1 = bin(p1)[2:] 
   bno2 = bin(p2)[2:] 
   # append zeros in shorter string 
   zeros = abs(len(bno1)-len(bno2)) 
   if (len(bno1)>len(bno2)): 
      bno2 = zeros * '0' + bno2 
      bno1 = zeros * '0' + bno1 
   # convert binary representations  
   # into dictionary 
   dict1 = Counter(bno1) 
   dict2 = Counter(bno2) 
   # compare both dictionaries 
   if dict1 == dict2: 
      print(p1, p2 ,"are two anagram number") 
      print(p1 , p2 ,"are not anagram number") 
# Driver program 
if __name__ == "__main__": 
   n1 = int(input("Enter First number ::>"))
   n2 = int(input("Enter Second number ::>"))


Enter First number ::>8
Enter Second number ::>16
8 16 are two anagram number

Enter First number ::>3
Enter Second number ::>2
3 2 are not anagram number