Python Program to calculate n+nm+nmm.......+n(m times).

Here n is given value which is positive number m is the number of times till which the series run. Our task is to calculate this series.


Step 1: Input n, m;
Step 2: Converting the number to string.
Step 3: Initializing result as number and string.
Step 4: Adding remaining terms.
Step 5: Concatenating the string making n, nn, nnn...
Step 6: Before adding converting back to integer.
Step 7: return sum.

Example Code

# Python program to sum the series
def sumofseries(n, m):
   str1 = str(n)
   sum1 = n
   sumofstr1 = str(n)
   for i in range(1, m):
   sumofstr1 = sumofstr1 + str1
   sum1 = sum1 + int(sumofstr1)
   return sum1
   # Driver Code
   n = int(input("Enter the value of n"))
   m = int(input("Enter the value of m"))
sumofno = sumofseries(n, m)
print("SUM OF SERIES ::>",sumofno)


Enter the value of n3
Enter the value of m5
SUM OF SERIES ::> 37035
Samual Sam
Samual Sam

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