Python Program for Number of stopping station problem

In this article, we will learn about the solution to the problem statement given below.

Problem statement − We are given that there are 13 intermediate stations between two places A and B. We need to find the number of ways in which a train can be stopped at 2 intermediate stations, such that there are no consecutive stations?

Now let’s observe the solution in the implementation below −


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# stop station
def stopping_station( p, n):
   num = 1
   dem = 1
   s = p
   # selecting specified position
   while p != 1:
      dem *= p
   t = n - s + 1
   while t != (n-2 * s + 1):
      num *= t
   if (n - s + 1) >= s:
      return int(num/dem)
      # condition
      return -1
# main
num = stopping_station(2, 13)
if num != -1:
   print("No of stopping stations:",num)
   print("I'm Possible")


No of stopping stations: 66

All the variables are declared in the local scope and their references are seen in the figure above.


In this article, we have learned about how we can make a Python Program for the Number of stopping station problems.