Python program for most frequent word in Strings List

When it is required to find the most frequent word in a list of strings, the list is iterated over and the ‘max’ method is used to get the count of the highest string.


Below is a demonstration of the same

from collections import defaultdict
my_list = ["python is best for coders", "python is fun", "python is easy to learn"]

print("The list is :")

my_temp = defaultdict(int)

for sub in my_list:
   for word in sub.split():
      my_temp[word] += 1

result = max(my_temp, key=my_temp.get)

print("The word that has the maximum frequency :")


The list is :
['python is best for coders', 'python is fun', 'python is easy to learn']
The word that has the maximum frequency :


  • The required packages are imported into the environment.

  • A list of strings is defined and is displayed on the console.

  • A dictionary of integers is created and assigned to a variable.

  • The list of strings is iterated over and split based on spaces.

  • The count of every word is determined.

  • The maximum of these values is determined using the ‘max’ method.

  • This is assigned to a variable.

  • This is displayed as output on the console.

Updated on: 16-Sep-2021

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