Python Program for Linear Search

In this article, we will learn about the Linear Search and its implementation in Python 3.x. Or earlier.


Start from the leftmost element of given arr[] and one by one compare element x with each element of arr[]
If x matches with any of the element, return the index value.
If x doesn’t match with any of elements in arr[] , return -1 or element not found.

Now let’s see the visual representation of the given approach −


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def linearsearch(arr, x):
   for i in range(len(arr)):
      if arr[i] == x:
         return i
      return -1
arr = ['t','u','t','o','r','i','a','l']
x = 'a'
print("element found at index "+str(linearsearch(arr,x)))


element found at index 6

The scope of the variables are shown in the figure −


In this article, we learned about the mechanism of linear search in Python3.x. Or earlier.