Python Pandas - Return a numpy timedelta64 array scalar view in nanoseconds

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To return a numpy timedelta64 array scalar view in nanoseconds, use the timedelta.asm8 property in Pandas.

At first, import the required libraries −

import pandas as pd


Following is the code

import pandas as pd

# TimeDeltas is Python’s standard datetime library uses a different representation timedelta’s
# create a Timedelta object
timedelta = pd.Timedelta('10 min 20 s')

# display the Timedelta
print("Timedelta...\n", timedelta)

# getting the timedelta64 in nanoseconds
res = timedelta.asm8

# display the timedelta64
print("\nTimedelta64 array scalar view...\n", res)


This will produce the following code

 0 days 00:10:20

Timedelta64 array scalar view...
 620000000000 nanoseconds
Updated on 13-Oct-2021 07:28:36