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When we use the object oriented concepts of python enough programming, we need to create objects and access their attributes. The objects are usually created from a class and the getattr function helps us in accessing the attributes of the object.


In the below example we create a object from a class call Best Buy and we assign values to the attributes of that object. Then we access those tributes in the print statements shown below.

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import time
# declare class
class bestpy:
   name = "pyexperts"
   course = "python"
# initialize object
n = bestpy()
# use of getattr to print name
getattr_bestpy = time.time()
print("The Company name is :" + getattr(n,'name'))
print("getattr_bestpy time execution is : " + str(time.time() - getattr_bestpy),"\n")
# use of conventional method to print course
conventional_bestpy = time.time()
print("It provides work on " + n.course)
print("conventional_bestpt time execution is:" + str(time.time() - conventional_bestpy))


Running the above code gives us the following result −

The Company name is :pyexperts
getattr_bestpy time execution is : 0.0011477470397949219

It provides work on python
conventional_bestpt time execution is: 0.0002818107604980469
Published on 14-Feb-2020 07:29:16