Python – Extract Particular data type rows

When it is required to extract particular data type rows, the list comprehension, the ‘isinstance’ method, and the ‘all’ operator are used.

Below is a demonstration of the same −


 Live Demo

my_list = [[14,35, "Will"], [12, 26, 17], ["p", "y", "t"], [29, 40, 21]]

print("The list is :")

my_data_type = int

my_result = [row for row in my_list if all(isinstance(element, my_data_type) for element in row)]

print("The result is :")


The list is :
[[14, 35, 'Will'], [12, 26, 17], ['p', 'y', 't'], [29, 40, 21]]
The result is :
[[12, 26, 17], [29, 40, 21]]


  • A list of list is defined and is displayed on the console.

  • The data type is defined.

  • A list iteration is used to iterate over the list.

  • The ‘all’ operator and the ‘isinstance’ method is sued to check if the elements in the list belong to a specific data type.

  • If yes, it is added to a list, and assigned to a variable.

  • This is displayed as the output on the console.