Purpose of Grounding the Utility Power Distribution

One of the remarkable discoveries in the field of electrical engineering is the grounding of electric current. In an electric circuit, there be an active wire, which supplies current and a neutral wire, which carries that current back. An additional grounding wire can be attached to outlets and other electrical devices and also securely connected to the ground. This ground wire provides an additional path for the current to return safely to the ground without danger to anyone, when short circuit occurs.

The purpose of grounding the utility power distribution becomes clear from following points −

Protection against electrical overload

One of the most important purpose for grounding the utility power distribution is that it protects the electrical appliances, our home and everyone in it from surges in electricity. If lightning was to strike or the power was to surge in the system for whatever reason, it produces dangerously high voltages of electricity in the power system. If the power system is grounded, all of the excess electricity will go into the earth, thus the system remains protected against the electrical overload.

Stabilises the voltage levels

A grounded utility power distribution makes it easier for the right amount of power to be distributed to all the right places, which can play a huge role in helping to ensure circuits are not overloaded and destructed. The ground wire provides a common reference point for the many voltage sources in an electrical power system.

Prevents damages, injury and death

Without a properly grounded utility power distribution system, there is a risk of damaging the electrical appliances connected to the system. A short circuit in power system can cause a fire to start, risking not just extensive property and data loss but physical injury as well.

Safe and efficient electricity

The grounding of utility distribution system makes it easy for the power to be directed straight to wherever it is to be used. This allows the electric currents to safely and efficiently travel throughout the power distribution system.

The Earth is the best conductor

The earth is a great conductor of electricity, which helps in keeping the utility system and the human life safe. As the electric current always take a path of least resistance, thus by grounding the electrical utility distribution system, we are providing it somewhere to go other than into us – possibly saving human life.

Therefore, the grounding of utility power distribution has a key role in the correct operation of the electrical systems, either power or electronics as well as protecting people.