Program to calculate the area of a Tetrahedron

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A tetrahedron is a pyramid with triangular base i.e. it has a base that is a triangle and each side has a triangle. All the three triangles converge to a point. As in the figure,

Area of Tetrahedron = (√3)a2


The code to find the area of tetrahedron uses the math library to find the square and square-root of a number using sqrt and pow methods. For calculating the area we take a floating point and the value of the expression "((sqrt(3)*a*a))" is given to it.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
int main() {
   int a= 5;
   float area, volume;
   printf("Program to find area and volume of Tetrahedron\n");
   printf("The side of Tetrahedron is %d \n", a);
   area = (sqrt(3)*(a * a));
   printf("The area of Tetrahedron is %f \n", area);
   return 0;


Program to find area and volume of Tetrahedron
The side of Tetrahedron is 5
The area of Tetrahedron is 43.301270
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