Zenith Academics


An education that lasts a lifetime

Hi, Zenith Academics is a platform engaged in preparing engaging online courses in diverse subjects with a student bias. We strive to achieve a multidisciplinary approach in learning and provide engaging online courses in psychology, banking, finance, law, technology, language, etc. to reach a vast multitude of students worldwide. We engage domain experts to create courses as per student needs. We have created multiple courses on Psychotherapies and Finance & Banking. In the past, this platform has launched four courses on psychotherapies, prepared by Najwa Bashir, a counseling psychologist, which has been very well received by the global student community. I am Sudam Ghosh (B. Com; M.B.A.; LLB; C.S.(Inter); C.A.I.I.B.), founder of Zenith Academics and instructor for finance & banking courses. I have worked as a Credit Officer at various levels, including as Branch Head, in Very Extra Large Branch and as Chief Manager, Faculty at Apex Training College of a Public Sector Bank, for a long time, and also have 20 years experience of teaching credit and financial management subjects. It has been my passion for teaching that has brought me to this global platform. My experience enables me to focus on the weakness of the students and handhold them towards success. In this course, you will experience a simple style of teaching, which makes the students grasp the basic concepts, step by step before delving into complex areas of learning. So hook on to the courses and experience the journey. Looking forward to connecting with you. Happy learning. Sudam Ghosh, CEO Zenith Academics CEO, Zenith Academics