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Operating Systems Course: Ace Interview Questions in 30 days

32 Lectures 13 hours

  Prerak Mehta


About me

My first exposure to programming was when I was 14. Ever since my childhood, I always wanted to develop new video games.

As I tried to dig deep and self-explore game development, I started to realize that programming is more and more demanding.

During my learning years I realized that conventional teaching techniques taught to us were extremely tricky in nature making it very difficult even for me who was already into programming difficult. Most of the times, my co-learners could not even understand basic concepts of coding.

That’s when my grey cells went to overdrive and the idea sparked that I should create programming and development courses which would involve innovative teaching techniques.

The courses will dramatically improve the learner’s understanding, most difficult concepts with complete ease and fun to learn for all learners who are passionate about coding.

Trust me, coding and development knowledge is becoming mandatory in all fields and sectors.

I’m hopeful my courses will bring about a qualitative change in programming outlook and enthuse more and more learners to take up programming.

Cheers and happy learning!

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