Peter Lakenbrink


Hi, I'm Peter!

Besides my job as a consultant with a focus on digitalization, I've been fascinated by the possibilities of the world wide web to offer products & services of various kinds since my school days.

Starting with a gaming app allowing you to bet on the outcome of sports events against friends for stakes like cocktails or ice cream, I launched various online stores over the years and now own my personal party hat brand with its own warehouse. Sales structures like print-on-demand or dropshipping are just as familiar to me through A-Z self-creation & many years of experience as professional and passionate work with Excel VBA and the video editing programs Adobe After Effects or Sony Vegas.

I would like to share this knowledge with you. It is very important to me to neither use fictitious numbers, ideas or outlooks, nor the get-rich-quick-idea to attract more course participants, but to deliver added value through real practical experience, simplifying for you to achieve through work and passion, what I have also achieved.

Of course, I am more than happy if you are willing to build up passive income in a professional, sustainable way, for example, by applying the knowledge gained from one of my courses.

I am ready to help you at any time in all possible concerns that fall under my expert area. So contact me without hesitation either in the comment sections of the courses or outside via direct message if you have a question.

I am also grateful for any suggestions for improvement of either a general nature or desired section additions - because my goal is to always offer you the best courses for your trust placed in me!