Youtube Thumbnail Design 2023: The A-Z Marketing Masterclass

Create engaging Youtube Thumbnails that WORK! Costly as well as 100% free method covered. Includes handout summary.

Course Description

Are you interested in the incredible prospects of Youtube from the creator's perspective and want to be able to design engaging Thumbnails that can't help but drive potential viewers to your videos? Then there's no getting around this Thumbnail Marketing Masterclass!

Profit from the world's second biggest search engine Youtube, get or stay in the game and earn your share by making use of the Number 1 most important tool to any video's success: the Thumbnail!

Whether you are a Youtube newbie who is just getting started or an advanced Content Creator who wants to take it to the next level, this course has got you covered!

First of all, we will take a look at some impressive, as well as surprising statistics about Youtube in general. Then we will dive into the theory of Thumbnails in particular and consider every individual element and their proven best practices: Fonts, Words, Images, Colors, Effects and so on.

With this knowledge in mind, we will go ahead, analyze and distinguish between different niches and start to create Thumbnails that will stand out and attract viewers. We will do so not only for unequal topics but also by using completely different methods: I'll show you my common way which includes the setting up of a Green Screen and Adobe After Effects and we will also cover a second method which is completely free! 

Apart from mentioning equipment and tools that will simplify your designing process, the course also comes with a handout summarizing the most important Thumbnail success parameters as well as downloadable design elements, that will help to further improve your Thumbnails.

As you have already found this course, you are now one step ahead of the majority of competitors, just because you seem to care about Thumbnails. Extend your lead by another massive leap, enroll today and take your still image video preview to perfection!

This course is a real A-Z masterclass on Designing the perfect Youtube Thumbnail!

If you are passionate about Youtube and want to understand and learn about the significance of Thumbnails and their mechanisms, the most important lever to your personal success, then this course might be for you. If you are willing to put this knowledge into practice and create amazing Youtube Thumbnails with impressive conversion rates, then this course is definitely for you!

Enroll today - I am confident that I can repay your trust in me with content and I look forward to sharing my skills with you!

...Regardless of that, I'm always available for questions, comprehension problems or suggestions in the comment section or via private message.


  • Youtube enthusiasts who want to profit from the enormous potential of the world's second-biggest search engine and start earning their share.
  • Youtube intermediates and experts who want to go the extra mile and bring their click-through rate to the next level.


  • You should work with a PC or laptop and Internet access.
  • Owning a Greenscreen or having an active subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud will fascilitate the job, but are not necessary to follow the course.
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Youtube Thumbnail Design 2023: The A-Z Marketing Masterclass
This Course Includes
  • 2.5 hours
  • 24 Lectures
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  • Language English
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