Mahmoud Abdelkhabeer Mohamed


Mahmoud Abdelkhabeer, Head of veterinary drugs analysis in the central food laboratory in the ministry of health,  Doha, Qatar I have been working in the field of laboratories for 18 years till now. During this time I have been involved in the development and validation of many methods such as Aflatoxin in nuts, spices, and cereals using HPLC Agilent, mycotoxins in cereals with LC-MS/MS Agilent 6470, and started a new section for analysis of veterinary drugs in food of animal origins such as sulfonamides, tetracyclines, hormones, amphenicol, and quinolones. These methods were developed and validated according to international guidelines and accredited to ISO 17025/2017 edition. I created a youtube channel that includes many lectures in our field and now I am trying to get more audiences to my work.

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