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Transformation Expert & UK Top 50 Game Changer

I love taking complex problems, and making them simple to understand and deliver, at the highest standard, innovatively and in the least amount of time, and having fun doing it:)

 I was named a Top 50 Game Changer in the UK for innovation that helps deliver successful business transformation, strategy and change. With 15+ years experience in the top professional services firms in management consulting and investment banking, and then delivering award winning transformation in listed companies founded the first of its kind transformation execution software, focused on helping organisations and consultancies actually executing successfully and avoid the 84% failure rate, but to do so in a way that makes logical sense, is engaging and acknowledges that technical execution and the people element are one and the same process. 

With 9 qualifications across a variety of professions (including law, math, performing arts, chartered accountant, admitted project management and change management practitioner), it's allowed for the synthesizing of knowledge across multiple disciplines to deliver change.

I am the creator of the exclusive IP of MVT™ (minimum viable transformation), SPOT™ (single point of truth), Interdependency Pyramid™ and the PIPS tool, that underpin successful delivery.

I am an innovation junky, and continuously inspired by new products, approaches and the minds behind it. Other than that you can find me somewhere outdoors preferably in the sunshine!

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