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Conquer from within

Mrs. Chandni (Unnati) J. Vidani

Corporate and Educational Trainer
Industrial Psychologist |English Language Coach |IELTS, TOEFL & GRE Trainer |Soft Skill and Behavioral Trainer|

Mrs. Chandni (Unnati) J. Vidani (Chandni) is a professional Corporate and Educational trainer. She believes that a person with values, integrity and skills is more charismatic. Coming from the Business and Academic background she has willingness and desire to empower people and contribute in people’s success, that’s what drives her to bring wonderful energy to the sessions she conducts.

She is the Founder of CleverMinds.CJ through which she intends to empower people and make world a better place to live by implying holistic approach. She believes that people can conquer from within, wherein today’s busy world where one is constantly fighting with others and oneself.

She has trained from Nursery children to corporate persons. Training to all age of people makes her personality more versatile in understanding people and counsel them. She has trained and counselled hundreds of individuals of different age groups through 1000+ training sessions since inception. Her Training & Empowering ways are phenomenal which makes the sessions lively. She keeps studying all the situations and circumstances from 360-degree view to give an unbiased opinion on counselling. She loves to read books which enhances her skills and knowledge. Having good corporate relations, she got into placement where she has interviewed and placed many individuals.

She has a professional experience as a Professional Freelancer Trainer for Soft-Skills and Personality Development from past 10 Years, as a Content writer from 1 year, as an Auditor for CA Firms of 3 years and counsellor from past 4 years. With reference to professional experience, she is working on all areas currently across Nation.

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