Print the longest prefix of the given string which is also the suffix of the same string in C Program.

Given a string in which we have to check that the length of the longest prefix which is also a suffix of the string like there is a string “abcab” so here “ab” is of length 2 and is the longest substring with same prefix and suffix.


Input: str[] = { “aabbccdaabbcc” }
Output: 6
Input: abdab
Output: 2

If we will start the pointer from start and end of the string than they will get overlapped at some point so instead of doing that we will break the string from middle and start matching left and right string. If they are equal return size of any one of the matched string else try for shorter lengths on both the sides.


int longest(char str[], int n)
STEP 1 : DECLARE length AS 0 AND i AS n/2
STEP 2 : IF n < 2 THEN
STEP 3 :LOOP WHILE TILL str[i]!='\0'
   IF str[i] == str[length] THEN,
      INCREMENT length BY 1
      INCREMENT i BY 1
      IF length == 0 THEN,
         INCREMENT i BY 1
         DECREMENT length BY 1
      END IF
RETURN length


#include <stdio.h>
int longest(char str[], int n){
   int length = 0, i = n/2;
   if( n < 2 )
      return 1;
   while( str[i]!='\0' ){
      //When we find the character like prefix in suffix,
      //we will move the length and i to count the length of the similar prefix and suffix
      if (str[i] == str[length]){
      } else //When prefix and suffix not equal{
         if(length == 0)
   return length;
int main(int argc, char const *argv[]){
   char str[] = {"abccmmabcc"};
   int n = sizeof(str)/sizeof(str[0]);
   int length = longest(str, n);
   printf("Length = %d", length);
   return 0;


If we run above program then it will generate following output:

Length = 4

Updated on: 22-Aug-2019

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