Print Colors of terminal in Python

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In the terminal, if you want to make some texts appears in colored mode, there are numerous ways in python programming to achieve it.

Using python modules

1.termcolor module: It is the ANSII Color formatting for output in the terminal.

import sys
from termcolor import colored, cprint
text1 = colored('Hello, Tutorialspoint!', 'blue', attrs=['reverse', 'blink'])
cprint('Hello, Python!', 'blue', 'on_white')
print_red_on_blue = lambda x: cprint(x, 'red', 'on_blue')
print_red_on_blue('Hello, from Data Science!')
print_red_on_blue('Hello, Python!')
for i in range(10):
   cprint(i, 'green', end=' ')
cprint("Attention!", 'blue', attrs=['bold'], file=sys.stderr)


Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24