Power sleep do exciting stuff while sleeping

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It usually happens that when somebody is sleepy their mobile phones becomes inactive, which reflect millions of strength-full processors become idle for that interval of time. Samsung newly collaborated with University of Vienna to create a unique alarm clock app called Power Sleep. Power Sleep is a latest Android app that permits mobile phone users to give the processing power of their devices to scientific research at the time of sleeping.

Power Sleep lets people donate small bits of their mobile CPU power, so that a large “supercloud computer” can use that power for a scientific research on curing diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer.

Now day, people have become very innovative, they want to do something at the time of sleeping also, for them Power Sleep is a good thing. When people sleep, mobile phone which has this app donates their processing power to a large super cloud computer. Researchers used this cloud computer to decrypt protein sequences, this decrypted sequences are useful in finding a cure for diseases like cancer or Alzheimer.

Power Sleep is an alarm clock app and functions also the same as alarm clock. If somebody set it to wake up at 6 in the morning, this alarm clock app will do the exact task.

The Power Sleep is an app which gives very interesting function “alarm clock” to the user. While setting the alarm using this “alarm clock” function the user’s phone should be plugged in or fully charged and connected to a Wi-Fi network. For sending data this app uses Similarity Matrix of Proteins (SIMAP) database. The research basically give attention on decrypting protein sequences to help with medical progresses in corrections such as genetics and heredity, biochemistry, molecular biology and cancer research.

It’s true in the case of technology that actual quality of any technology comes up when it goes to user’s hands, this thing comes true in case of Power Sleep. It linked to the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) – A network that relates around 60,000 PCs worldwide and harnesses their processing power for computational-based research. This app spreads the reach of BOINC to comprise mobile devices.

It is very simply for user to use this app, the main screen of app facilitates users to easily set the alarm, but multiple alarms functionality is not there, means; user cannot set multiple alarm at a time. User can select and adjust the alarm sounds as well as can set the snooze duration, option is there to repeat the same alarm daily and this app can operate over 3G too. Users can also swipe through an info segment about the project and additional segment details the number of hours that users have donated to the project.

Samsung Power Sleep program is available to download for free in the Samsung App Store and the Google Play Store "https://play.google.com/store/apps" for Android devices starting from version 2.3 upwards.


Do something interesting while sleeping with Power Sleep a great invention of Samsung. It is free to get with awesome alarm clock feature and other interesting features. Users download this free app and enjoy something interesting.

Updated on 13-Jan-2020 10:00:01