Plasmolysis in a plant cell is defined as
(a) breakdown (lysis) of the plasma membrane in hypotonic medium
(b) shrinkage of cytoplasm in hypertonic medium
(c) shrinkage of nucleoplasm
(d) none of them.

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Correct Answer: (b) shrinkage of cytoplasm in hypertonic medium


Plasmolysis is the process that takes place when the plant cell losses cytoplasmic water due to osmosis and shrinks in size.

It occurs when the plant's cell is placed in a hypertonic solution or solution having a higher concentration of salts. Cytoplasm loses its water to the hypertonic solution to achieve equilibrium and shrinks.

When a plasmolyzed cell (or the cells whose cytoplasm got shrunk) is placed in water, the cell absorbs water from the surroundings due to varied concentration gradients and tries to regain its original size and shape. Thus, the plant cell becomes turgid.

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