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The phar:// stream wrapper is available in all PHP versions after 5.3.0. Phar stands for PHP Archive. It is used to distribute PHP application or library and is executed as a normal PHP file. The phar:// wrapper supports opening file with fopen() for read/write, rename, and directory stream operations opendir() as well as create and remove directories.

Phar class allows packaging application resources contained inside a directory in a phar archive. To perform read operations, this archive is put in phar:// wrapper

Building phar archive

To begin with, ensure that phar.readonly setting in php.ini is set to 0. Then, create a src folder in which all resources of an application are put. Create index.php file

echo "phar application started";

Use object of Phar class to build phar archive containing files in src folder with buildFromDirectory() method. Specify index.php as setDefaultStub

// The php.ini setting phar.readonly must be set to 0
$pharFile = 'app.phar';
// clean up
if (file_exists($pharFile)) {
if (file_exists($pharFile . '.gz')) {
   unlink($pharFile . '.gz');
// create phar
$p = new Phar($pharFile);
// creating our library using whole directory
// pointing main file which requires all classes
$p->setDefaultStub('index.php', '/index.php');
// plus - compressing it into gzip
echo "$pharFile successfully created";

Run above script from command line

php create-phar.php

This will create app.phar in working directory. To run the phar archive, use following command

php app.phar

Using phar:// wrapper

echo file_get_contents('phar://app.phar/index.php');

This will display contents of index.php file

Updated on: 22-Sep-2020


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