You have seen weather reports on television and in newspapers. How do you think we are able to predict the weather?

Weather reports mentioned on television and in newspapers are predicted by the Meteorological Department:

Weather stations located globally record the temperatures, rainfall, wind speeds, directions, air pressures, and other weather features on a daily basis.

The Meteorological Department prepares a weather report and plots it on the maps. Weather forecasters predict the weather and then transmit it on the radio and television.

Weather is the short-term changes in the atmosphere in a particular place at a particular time. It depends on several factors like wind, moisture, storms, snow, temperatures, etc.

A climate is the long-term weather pattern of a specific location. It is based on local long-term patterns, such as those related to weather, such as temperature, humidity, and wind.

For instance, Patna has a dry environment. The nights are often cold and windy, while the days are typically scorching and dry.

Today's weather in Hyderabad: sunny with a 30-degree temperature and 86% humidity. The climate of Hyderabad is arid. The days are usually hot and dry, while the nights are cool and breezy.

The climate of a place may be predicted more easily because it is the average weather pattern of that location over a long period of time that is consistent. In contrast, the weather can change every day since it varies over a short period of time, making it harder to anticipate.


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Updated on: 06-Jan-2023


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