The following results were obtained by a scientist who crossed the F1 generation of pure-breeding parents for round and wrinkled seeds.Dominant trait      Recessive trait      No. of F2 offspringRound seeds        Wrinkled seeds            7524From these results, it can be concluded that the actual number of round seeds he obtained was:(a) 1881      (b) 22572      (c) 2508      (d) 5643

During mono-hybrid cross (cross with single characteristics, the shape of seed), the ratio of round seeds to wrinkled seed in F2 generation is 3:1, that is out of 4 seeds, 3 seeds will be round and 1 will be wrinkled.

Thus, out of 7524 F2 generation offsprings, the number of round seeds will be calculated as follows:

Out of 4 seeds, 3 seeds are round.

Out of 7524, number of round seeds = (7524 X 3) / 4 

                                                                   = 5634.


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Updated on: 21-Mar-2023


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