Pure-bred pea plants A are crossed with pure-bred pea plants B. It is found that the plants which look like A do not appear in F1 generation but re-emerge in F2 generation. Which of the plants A and B are: (i) tall, and (ii) dwarf? Give reason for your answer.

Correct Answer: (i) Plant B is tall and (ii) Plant A is dwarf.


In pea plant, when pure tall pea plant (TT) is crossed with pure short (tt) plant,

F1 generation will be all Tt (tall plant).

                                        (Pure Tall)   TT        x        tt   (Pure short) 

F1 generation                                                 Tt    (All tall plant)

Self-pollination                                 Tt         x         Tt

F2 generation                         TT           Tt           Tt           tt

During F1 generation, all the plants appeared are tall in nature (because tallness is dominant over dwarfness). But in the F2 generation, dwarfness will reappear in pure-dwarf plants (tt).


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Updated on: 21-Mar-2023


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