Observe the bins and waste material heaps and suggest what materials can be used for preparing handicrafts materials.

The following handicraft items can be prepared from the waste materials usually seen in bins and waste storage.
  • Designs and sceneries on cardboard, pencil scrab can be used.
  • We can prepare basket, toys, flower vase, etc.
  • Egg trays can be prepared by papier-mache prepared from waste paper decorated with the help of different colours and can be used.
  • Empty earthen cup (kullarh) can be used as Janjhi by making small hole in it and putting a burnt candle. Light comes out in different designs.
  • Flower vase can be prepared with the help of ice-cream sticks.
  • Different types of toys are prepared with the help of plastic cup, spoon, plate, forks.
  • Models of historical monuments can be designed with the help of empty injection bottles and amputes.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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