Name two processes responsible for the formation of clouds.

The two processes responsible for the formation of clouds are:

  • evaporation
  • condensation

Extra information:

Cloud: A cloud is a visible mass of frozen crystals made of water and aerosols present in the atmosphere.

Factors influencing cloud formation:

  • Surface heating: During the daytime, when there is an increase in temperature, the ground gets heated up along with the air above it, causing the air to rise above it, resulting in the formation of clouds.
  • Topography: The shape and features of an area result in the formation of a cloud. For example, clouds are easily formed near hills and mountains.
  • Convergence: Streams of air flowing from different directions are forced to converge.
  • Turbulence: A sudden change in wind speed with height creates turbulence.

Condensation: The process in which a gas changes into a liquid on cooling is known as condensation.

Evaporation: The process of changing water into its vapor is called evaporation.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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