Incomplete combustion of coal and petroleum :(A) increases air pollution.(B) increases efficiency of machines.(C) reduces global warming.(D) produce poisonous gases. The correct option is :(a) (A) and (B) (b) (A) and (D) (c) (B) and (C) (d) (C) and (D)

Correct answer: (b) (A) and (D)

Coal and petroleum fuels contain carbon molecules on incomplete combustion, they react with atmospheric oxygen and forms a harmful greenhouse gas known as carbon monoxide.

Two disadvantages of incomplete combustion are given below:
  1. Due to incomplete combustion, a greater amount of fuel is wasted and less heat is released as compared to complete combustion.
  2. Incomplete combustion leads to the production of a gas called carbon monoxide which is extremely poisonous.


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Updated on: 18-Jan-2023


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