Give 3 examples of how force can: 1. Stop the motion of an object 2. Increase or decrease the speed of a moving object 3. Change the direction of motion of an object

a) If a ball of mass 5 kg is moving with an acceleration of $10m/s^2$  then the force with which the ball moving is 50N. What if another ball with the same properties (same force) collides with the first ball in the opposite direction?. Definitely, they will stop moving. When two bodies of the same force collide in the opposite direction they stop moving.

b) If you push a ball that is in motion in its direction, then its speed would increase, whereas if you push the ball in the opposite direction, its speed would decrease.

c) The example for a change in direction of motion of an object is in a cricket match the direction of a ball would change when batsmen hit the ball with a bat.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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