For increasing production, what is common in poultry, fisheries and bee-keeping?

The common factor in poultry, fisheries, and bee-keeping is the proper management techniques to increase production.

Production of eggs, growth of fish, and production of honey can be stimulated through maintaining proper temperature and moisture conditions. An infection-free or healthy environment is very important to prevent infectious diseases from spreading among animals.

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Poultry can be raised for eggs, meat, and feathers. The phrase "poultry" includes chickens, ducks, turkeys, guinea fowl, geese, quail, pigeons, ostriches, and pheasants.

Beekeeping (or apiculture) involves maintaining bee colonies in man-made hives. Most are Apis mellifera bees, however, stingless Melipona bees are sometimes raised.

Aquaculture is the regulated cultivation of aquatic creatures such as fish, crustaceans, mollusks, algae, and aquatic plants. Aquaculture that involves cultivating fish for food is called pisciculture. Aquaculture includes cultivating freshwater, brackish water, and saltwater populations under controlled or semi-natural circumstances. Mariculture refers to aquaculture in saltwater environments and lagoons, not freshwater. ]


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