Explain Unitary Method.

Unitary Method

In this method, comparison is done based on the value of each thing. First, we find the value of one unit. For example, 

Value of 4 pencils = Rs. 40

Value of 1 pencil = 40/4 = Rs. 10

Now, we can calculate the price of any number of units. If it is required to calculate the value of 100 pencils, then:

Value of 1 pencil = Rs. 10

Value of 100 pencils = 10 × 100 = Rs. 1000

Let us take one more example.

Example: John wants to purchase four soaps. In a shop, he finds each soap costs Rs.30. In another shop, he finds a pack of four soaps at Rs.100. 


To decide the best offer, he needs to resort to the unitary method. 

In the second case, he has to find the price of each soap using unitary method.

Price of 4 soaps = 100

Price of each soap = 100/4 = 25

In the first shop, he is getting soap at Rs.30 each, whereas he gets the same soap at Rs.25 in the second shop. So, John is definitely getting a better offer in the second shop. 


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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