Explain the basic mathematical operations by using 2y and 5.

Given :

The given terms are 2y and 5.

To do :

We have to apply the basic mathematical operations on the given terms.

Solution :

Addition and Subtraction:

When adding or subtracting a variable by a constant, we add or subtract the constant to the variable directly.

For example,

The addition of 2y and 5 is $2y+5$.

Similarly, subtraction of 2y and 5 is $2y-5$.

Multiplication and Division:

When multiplying or dividing a variable by a constant, we multiply or divide the constant to the coefficient of variable.

For example,

Multiplication of 2y and 5 is $(2y)\times(5) = (2\times5)y = 10y$

Division of 2y and 5 is $\frac{2y}{5} = \frac{2}{5} y$.

Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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