Difference Between Cartilage And Bones

Bone is a connective tissue. 
Cartilage is a fibrous tissue.
Bones are rigid, non-flexible, and robust.
Cartilages are flexible, soft, and elastic.
Bones are of two types such as compact or spongy.
There are three types of cartilages such as Fibrocartilage, Elastic cartilage, and Hyaline cartilage
Bones have rich supply of blood
Cartilage lacks blood supply except in some cartilage
The growth of bones is bidirectional. It grows in both directions.
The growth of cartilage is unidirectional. It grows on only one side.
Bone marrow is present.
Bone marrow is absent.
Bone cells are called as osteocytes
Cartilage cells are called as chondrocytes
Bones protect the body from mechanical damage.
Cartilage supports the bones and acts as a shock absorbers.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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