Name the following:
(i) A parasite plant with a yellow, slender, and branched stem.
(ii) A plant that is partially autotrophic.
(iii) The pores through which leave exchange gases.

The answers to the above questions are the following:

(i) A parasite plant with yellow, slender, and branched stem: Cuscuta

(ii) A plant that is partially autotrophic: Pitcher plant

(iii) The pores through which leaves exchange gases: Stomata 

Pitcher plants are carnivorous or insectivorous plants. Their leaves are modified as traps. They follow a pitfall trapping mechanism to capture prey. These plants are colorful and attract a wide variety of insects.


The main functions of stomata are
  • The exchange of gases occurs by opening and closing the pores in the leaves.
  • It helps in removing water from the leaves. Thus, helps in regulating water movement through transpiration.
  • It takes carbon dioxide and gives out oxygen during the process of photosynthesis.



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Updated on: 09-Jan-2023


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