Following are some of the characteristics of animals:
  1. Diets heavy on fruits
  2. White fur
  3. Need to migrate
  4. Loud voice
  5. Sticky pads on feet
  6. Layer of fat under the skin
  7. Wide and large paws
  8. Bright colors
  9. Strong tails
  10. Long and large beak

Tropical RainforestBothPolar Regions
Diets heavy on fruits
Need to migrate
White fur
Bright colors
Loud voice
Sticky pads on feet
Strong tails

A layer of fat under the skin

Long and large beak

Wide and large paws


In tropical rain forests, environmental conditions such as hot and humid atmospheres, excessive rainfall, abundant light, and appropriate moisture are responsible for the growth of animals and plants. It brings enormous diversity to the forests.

The polar regions encircle the North and South Poles within the polar circles. Polar climates are ET (tundra) and EF (ice cap). A tundra climate has at least one month above 0 °C (32 °F), while an ice cap climate has none. 

Polar regions receive less intense solar radiation than other parts of Earth because the sun's energy arrives at an oblique angle, spreading over a larger area, and travels a longer distance through the Earth's atmosphere, where it may be absorbed, scattered, or reflected. This is also why winters are colder than the rest of the year except in tropical regions.


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Updated on: 10-Oct-2022


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